Raising California speed limits from 65 to 75 miles per hour

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Going over the speed limit is nothing new to many Californian drivers, several cars on the highway already go well past the 65 mile per hour limit that is currently set in place.

Currently, there numerous states that have raised the speed limit on their freeways to 70 or 75. Would California benefit from following the idea of places such as Idaho, Kansas, and Nevada?

One example of a truly high speed highway is the famous Autobahn in Germany. In the Autobahn there are sections of road that have unrestricted speed limits, allowing cars to hit the gas and reach their true potential.

However, Germany’s process to obtain a driver’s license is much more rigorous and the roads are kept in far better condition than in California, so there is a lot of doubt whether driving fast is a feasible idea for Californian drivers.

California Highway Patrol Officer Josh Greengard is especially cautious of raising the speed limit, “The faster you go the likelihood of you getting in a crash goes up and the likelihood of you surviving a crash goes down.”

Even with cars being safer than ever, Officer Greengard still isn’t convinced that it’s enough, “A car may be super safe for you, but the pounds of force that it takes to rip your aorta off your heart it’s still the same.”

Perhaps California still isn’t ready to raise the speed limit on highways from 65 to 75 milers per hour, but whether or not it happens sometime in the future all drivers on the road should always remember to drive safely and responsibly.


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