Artist from Jerusalem shares childhood through demonstration

by Elaina Tovar 620 views0

Naomi Young, an artist from Jerusalem, hosted a vibrant and colorful art exhibit, featuring her first mosaic art demonstration at the Old Town Newhall Library.

Young’s inspiration for art bloomed from her son and blossomed over the last 15 years. The artist hopes to inspire those who take time to experience her art and exhibit.She has a particular interest in painting the domes of Jerusalem since they remind her of her childhood.

“The name Jerusalem means city of peace, and everybody is fighting for that piece of land,” Young said.

About 10 visitors gathered around in a circle to watch a three-hour long demonstration where Young created a pomegranate out of small broken ceramic pieces. She showed visitors the process of gluing the pieces as well as grouting it to complete a finished mosaic.

She usually gathers the ceramic pieces and glass from a Goodwill or from broken plates she accidentally drops in the kitchen.

“I’m anxious to attend a mosaic class from her,” said Santa Clarita resident Michele Lobl.

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