Santa Clarita comedy group spreads laugh, cheer through improv

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Similar to the British program “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” The Society Improv comedy group invites all Santa Clarita residents to take in a chuckle.

The group consisting of 12 actors – two of which also function as directors – has spread laughter to places west of the Rockies, through Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Washington.

“We’ve been together for almost seventeen years now, we know each other, we trust each other, we know how to lift each other up,” director-actor Kirby Heyborne said.

The actors conduct a variety of games and a musical where the audience offers suggestions on what they will like to see performed on stage.

The kicker? There are no scripts and nothing is planned – everything is made up on the spot.

Director-actor Lincoln Hoppe described improv as “jumping out without a net.”

Getting involved in improv might seem difficult at first, but with practice, you can become better at it. While attending a show, you can see their creativity and have fun at the same time.

For those interested in giving improv a try, visit for suggestions on how to host a show, games to play and workshops.

“Gather a group of friends together, tear down all your walls of inhibitions, throw questions out the door, listen to each other and have fun,” Heyborne said.

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