Local model big hit in the international fashion world

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By Myung Bo Hong Jr

This September, British luxury brand AllSaints released their men’s capsule collection through a film and several photographs. In the heart of the collection was Patrick Fullmer, a sophomore attending Valencia High School. From an average high school student to a model in one of the world’s leading clothing companies.

Fullmer’s interest in fashion began at a young age when he made his own costumes for Halloween. Fullmer thought about the costumes and his mother would help help sew them. When his mother saw his and love towards fashion she knew her son had the motivation to turn the hobby into an actual career.

But Fullmer’s interest did not last long. When he entered high school, he started to make bad decisions. Fullmer started skipping class and started to get along with bad friends. The situation came to a point where Fullmer realized that he had to switch things up in his life. Fullmer regained interest in fashion and reached out to his family members for help. It was when Fullmer found out that his aunt was a talent agent and had major connections to the fashion industry. Fullmer’s aunt saw his potential and connected him to major brands to try out for. “Following my aunt’s decisions was one of the best choices in my entire life” said Fullmer as he was discussing his past and how he became what he is today.

One of the major brands that reached out to Fullmer was AllSaints, a British fashion label most known for its relationship with music, art and teen culture. Fullmer was one of several models that was featured in the fashion label’s new video.

“My experience at the shoot started out a lot less structured, as you would imagine. You have to realize that this is a business not some just afternoon activity. I imagined it a little vaguer but it was the opposite.” The staff at the video shoot gave out strict rules on what Fullmer was allowed to wear for his jewelry and what kind of hair condition he was allowed to keep. “I was standing in a room with two people for three hours as they tried different outfits on me to get the perfect outfit and the perfect presentation.” Fullmer explained the process and the routine during the shoot.

“After a long day of shooting they let us stay in a pretty nice hotel but the next day I had to wake up around 6 a.m. just because the lighting was good that morning. I realized that modeling was not an easy thing to do. They take hundreds of photos but in the end only two or three were going to be used, I recognized all the hard work that the team was going through and made me more confident towards the rest of the shoot.”

The shoot took place in Simi Valley, Calif. The brand is based in London and in the new collection, they wanted to integrate the american teen look so the brand came to America looking for models that fit the criteria and Fullmer was one of them. The whole collection, as well as the video is about the teen life.

“It was uncomfortable at first but as the shoot progresses you start to really get to know the people on set and not just the other models by your side but the photographers, directors and producers the most,” he said.

“I got a few compliments here and there but in the fashion world no one really notices, it’s all about the trend that comes and go that people notice,” Fullmer said while discussing the aftermath of the shoot.

Fullmer is featured in the short film of the new collection “Nothing Really Happens.” The short film, approximately one minute long, stars Fullmer and other teen models doing teen activities. AllSaints recently released a short film running approximately two minutes starring Maya Thurman-Hawke, the daughter of singer Uma Thurman for their spring season film.

Fullmer’s accomplishment would not have come true if it wasn’t for the support that he has received throughout the time. Fullmer states that the biggest support he received was from himself.

“My biggest support if I had to say was probably myself, I was worried about not being able to suffice the producers and directors and fitting into the whole British scene as I know little to nothing about the culture. But I just told myself I just need some damn confidence and that got me right on the road, the whole time I was thinking all they want is my image so I shouldn’t worry.”

Fullmer also credits his father.

“However, my dad was a great support too you know, he drove me out there, stayed in my room, drove me to the sets even though he was not allowed nowhere near the sets.”

Fullmer is currently staying focused on school and listening to job offers. He is planning to attend FIDM a fashion school located in Los Angeles, Calif. In the future, he wishes to do shoots with bigger brands such as Burberry or Dior. Fullmer does not know if pursuing his modeling career will last a long time. His original plans for his future is creating his own fashion label and conducting his own operations.

“My main goal is to become a fashion designer however on the topic of modeling I am continuing to find more job offers but my agent is more on that than I am, I just answer the phones and get the instructions on what to do, where to show up, in the future some of the brands I want to do campaigns with brands like Dior and Burberry, I want to take a bigger step towards my dream.” Fullmer is currently working with brands yet to know which will be released in a very short time.




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