Drive through library keeps students well fed

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By Johnny Garcia

SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! The loud sound of chip bags and wrappers sound like a monster truck in a library. However, they are not being roused by trucks, but by hungry students who wish to enjoy a snack during the long school day.

College of the Canyons has a strict rule that the consumption of food inside the library is prohibited, but that does not seem to stop students.

Some students have long schedules and don’t necessarily have the time to hop from the library to the cafeteria located across campus. Students also claim that they are fatigued and don’t want to migrate from building to building when they can just eat their food and get their studies done in one convenient place.

“Im just really hungry, and sometimes I do not even care if the bag is really loud when I open it,I just wanna eat some gummy bears while studying for this biology exam” said Cassie Taylor.

The librarians are aware that some students eat in the far corner of the building, but they do not have a problem with eating as long as they are respectful to others and the area.

“Out of my four years of coming to the library, I have not encountered librarians enforcing the law upon students. It is very strange and I think that’s what gives kids the green light to keep on doing it” explained paramedic student Alejandro Rodriguez.

“Unlike the TLC’s gatekeeper, we do not have the staff to go around and police it. We do not go around looking for students eating because we have our own work to do,” said librarian Fern Jones.

One major problem with eating in the library is the excessive amount of trash left behind by students: wrappers, tissues, crumbs, bottle caps and even spoons.

Because eating in the library is prohibited and the rule is not enforced, some students see this as an opportunity to take advantage and do as they wish.

“Someone left half a bag of Hot Cheetos spilled under the desk. I accidentally stepped on them as I sat down, and made such a mess. Honestly, who leaves behind half a bag of Hot Cheetos? asked accounting student Leticia Osario.

“It’s pretty disgusting, to be honest. COC is such a fine school and a jewel to the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s a shame to see people not care for it the way it should,” said COC radio DJ Nic Adante.

Another problem with students eating in the library is an obvious consequence: bugs. No, not the cute animated ones from a Disney movie, but the ones nobody wishes to see at their picnic in the park. Also some unusual insects have crawled into the library who roam under, and on top of the desk.

COC is built on one big hill, and inside the library we have seen, ants, black widows, and rollie pollies casually roaming the facilities. Sometimes I wonder how these students were raised”, stated Jones.

“Ants are considered one of the most difficult pests to control, along with bed bugs, because colonies often contain upwards of thousands of members,” states

This insect infestation could spell certain problems for the COC library such as a possible fumigation in the library immediately, especially during finals week which happens to be the busiest time of the year.

In the midst of this library frenzy, the COC library would like to give a huge thank you to the custodian crew who go above and beyond for all their efforts to keep the facilities as neat and presentable as possible. If you ever decide to eat in the library, remember to be please be respectful to the environment and the students around you.

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