COC simulates earthquake evacuation to prepare staff

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After the 24th anniversary of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, College of the Canyons is urging their faculty to be prepared by simulating a natural disaster of a 6.6 earthquake.

Over winter session, staff and students evacuated buildings and gathered in the middle of campus after the college notified them of the drill through texts and e-mails.

Site supervisors took charge to get everyone out and away from buildings where any debris may fall in a real earthquake.

The buildings were all checked to assure all faculty and students had been evacuated and to ensure no damage had occurred.

According to Michael Wilding, Vice President of Student Services, every semester there is some sort of evacuation drill.

COC has a plan in case of an earthquake and many other disasters. They are urging students and faculty to be prepared by having a plan and following emergency procedures.

These procedures can be found in the student handbook, given to every student as when they apply to attend College of the Canyons.

The most important thing to know is to stay calm during an earthquake, take cover, turn off gas items and wait till the shaking stops.

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