SCV’s Weekly Swap Meet Event

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By James Gend

Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 7:00 am sharp, Santa Clarita Valley holds a large Swap Meet event in Saugus’ speedway arena. Here, residents pay a more than fair fee of a two dollar admission to peer around, haggle with vendors and listen to country music at the mercy of dozens of food stands.

Locals from in and around the county purchase stands ahead of time to sell away their home appliances, tools, vintage collectibles, clothing, toys, and so much more for varying prices. Although some of the merchandise being offered may appear as junk, there is still a mass amount of useful commodities that require the eye to track down.

Each vendor carries their own unique merchandise and are always welcoming attendees to mingle in their stand to strike a deal. It is especially on Sunday afternoons that vendors are offering considerable deals for guests, while Tuesday’s and Saturday’s are stricter.

Although I attended as a Cougar News reporter only, I could not help myself to look around and see if I could hunt down something that stood out to me. With so many vendors selling camera equipment, cell phone cases, and other modes of technology, I was able to get excellent prices on a tripod and camera mount.

Santa Clarita Valley’s weekly Swap Meet events are for everyone. It does not matter what age you are, what your hobbies are, or what line of work you are in. You will find something here that speaks to you.


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