SCV’s Halloween Spirit

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By James Gend

As the Fall kicks off, the residents of Santa Clarita Valley eagerly await the return of the local trick-or-treaters and the spooks & scares thing bring along. However, the communities of Castaic and Stevenson Ranch seem to have been lacking much of the spirit and cheer that October typically welcomes. For every ten houses passed, residents would be lucky to see at least one in decorated fashion.

Some locals with backgrounds of setting up haunted houses and spooky displays have ended their streak this Fall, and instead have replaced the ghostly exhibits with simple strings of lights or a few pumpkins displayed on their porches.

Even some retail stores like Wal Mart, Toys R’ Us and Party City have quickly passed the torch from the season of spooks & scares to the cheers & jollies of Christmas time. Peering through these stores, locals should notice the lack of Halloween decorations and products as compared to the already emerging Christmas chain.

However, it is not to say that the spirit of Halloween is dead, this Fall. Stevenson Ranch local Katie Desimone takes the season of spooks & scares to heart, as she decorates and themes every inch of her housing in celebration of the acclaimed Holiday.

Desimone believes that the reason SCV is lacking this year is because of resident’s income, being unable to afford decorating. She notes that decorations attract trick-or-treaters, and the homes have no candy to give.

Numerous places around the valley such as the sheriff station, Lombardi Ranch and some local schools have created Halloween haunted events open to the public for celebration. Although some resident housings do lack this year, the Halloween spirit will continue on.

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