Hipified Records hosts local music showcase

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They started out as just a campus club, but they eventually became something more. Hipified Records, a local record label, is promoting the music scene in the valley by throwing showcases and involving the community. Hipified Records emerged the spring of 2017, and since then they have made a positive impact on musicians on the College of the Canyon’s campus. Hipified Records founder, Edwin Gonzalez, stated, “Our goal for these events is to get a buzz going so we can start a scene here in Santa Clarita, as well as make a network of students who can work together. Hipified are putting on a showcase November 18th to fundraise for an upcoming album they hope to release in the spring of 2018. If you would like to attend the showcase to promote the local music scene, it will be held at 22239 Barbacoa Dr. Santa Clarita, CA from 7PM through 10PM for only a donation of $10.

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