COC’s GSA Club Presents: Game Night

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This month COC’s GSA Club will host its Game Night event that will feature free play of video games, board games and card games on November 17th, located in Student Center 128 and 129.

Admission is free and open to both COC students the general public.

Attendees can also bring their own video game consoles and board games, as well as their own food if they wish to.

Free play of the Wii U console has been announced and will be available on Game Night along with a list of other consoles that will be announced in the upcoming days.

Food will also be provided to attendees at no additional cost along with free beverages.

As with previous GSA Club events, COC students are encouraged to attend this event; however, individuals that are not COC students student’s are welcomed to attend this event as well.

Previously COC’s GSA Club had planned to host a Super Smash Bros WII U tournament, but this event was unfortunately canceled due to an “insufficient time to plan it.”

This event is essentially being held in place of the previously announced Super Smash Bros tournament, and will hopefully feature the same amount of attendees as the previous Game Night.

COC’s GSA Club is hosting this event to raise club awareness, as well to raise money for future club related activities.

“It’s essentially an opportunity to meet likeminded people while having a good fun time,” said GSA’s Clubs Secretary Kevin Crivello.

Most of the new attendees that show up for GSA Club events give positive reviews and eventually become members of the school’s club due to the friendly and sociable atmosphere that is present.

This is because the club consistently tries to improve its event experience by taking suggestions from both members and non-members on what the best qualities about the clubs events are, as well as what the club could improve on.
“The purpose of the event is to provide a safe space and create a greater sense of sense of community on campus for LGBTQ students and straight allies,” according to the GSA Clubs secretary.

The GSA Club looks to continue its quest to promote the cordial bond between both LGBTQ and straight students as it hosts its Game Night Event that will be held on November 17th, located in Student Center 128 and 129.

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