COC’s GSA Club presents Friday Night Bowling

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By Travyan Suttle

This week COC’s gay-straight alliance club will attend the Friday night bowling event.

This event will be hosted by the Sociology and Psychology club, located at Valencia Lanes in Newhall, which is across from the Orchard Park.

Members of all three of these COC Clubs are expected to attend the bowling event on Friday Night.

All COC clubs have been invited to attend this event; however, the Psychology, Sociology, and GSA Clubs are expected to attend this night of fun.

Even though there is expected to be mainly COC students in attendance, everyone including Non-COC students are welcomed to attend this event.

This is just one of the many social events that the GSA Club has planned for this semester, including a game night that is expecting to held sometime during the month of November.

This Fridays bowling event will provide its attendees the opportunity to get to know one another while enjoying the activity of bowling.

A large attendance of individuals is expected since at least three of COC’s social clubs are expected to attend this event.

The bowling venue could be filled to capacity if the majority of members in both clubs decide to attend this event, which is the expected turnout.

“Our best expectation for the outcome of the event is that it will serve as a resource for attendees to meet new people and forge new bonds, further raise awareness of GSA to the campus community, and being that it is a joint club event, possibly inspire new collaborations” said GSA’s Clubs Secretary Kevin Crivello.

COC students are encouraged to attend this event on Friday if they are looking for a place to meet new people while enjoying the game of bowling.

Attendees are expected to bring money for food and snacks that they can purchase from the concession stand at the bowling alley.

Rental bowling shoes will also not be provided; however, attendees can purchase a rental pair of bowling shoes from the bowling alleys concession stand.

Parking will be provided at no additional costs in Valencia Lanes Parking Lot which is located in front of the venue.

If the predicted number of attendees show up on Friday night, expect the bowling alley to be filled to capacity.

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