ASG Game Room closes At COC

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After twenty years of operation at College of the Canyons, the ASG Game Room is closed indefinitely.

The room was closed after a recent tax audit had revealed that the school was not properly permitted to run more than four games at a time.

At the time of closing, the room had sixteen games in operation.

The game room at COC is closed after twenty years.

There are no concrete plans on what to do with the room, though ASG President Devon Miller says that an open dialogue is happening between ASG and the student body on the game room’s future.

The reality of the closure is that many students did not even know the room existed at all. Miller stated that in 2015, the room had made the school over $5,000 in revenue; in 2016, the room made less than $2,000. Those who did know simply didn’t care to visit the room.

“I never really used the game room,” student Brian Barr said. “I’m not a big arcade gamer, so pumping a quarter into an arcade machine never really felt like a win.

.Opinion has been split across campus on the shutdown of the room. Some students are upset about the closure, due to the fond memories they have of the room.

“I had met someone for the first time, and they said ‘hey, wanna play Guitar Hero?” student Dorothy Clemena said. “I ended up being really good friends with them… we would go in there and hang out and just watch other people play games.”

A tentative plan is in place to potentially turn the room into a meditation room for students; however, if enough support is shown for the game room, it could remain in an arcade format, though with substantially less games.

The room will remain closed throughout the Fall 2017 semester, and the fate of the room will be announced after further dialogue ensues.

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