The Stage Door; a local Venue that plays host to all artists and musicians.

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The Stage Door is a small venue located inside Keyboard Galleria Music Center. It plays host to any and all local artist looking to showcase their talent on stage in front a crowd. Owner Dennis Webber explains he opened the venue for anyone looking to practice or gain some experience.

Dennis is a local Santa Clarita resident currently residing in Akton, CA. He opened the shop in 1990, paying notice his soon to be 30 year anniversary in a little over 2 years. The Venue hasn’t however always been apart of the store. Dennis purchased a portion of a store that neighbored his after it had unfortunately closed its doors. He built The Stage Door from scratch. It seats about 20-30 people, there for making its small setting perfect for the innermost dedicated artist. The Music Center also is a great one stop shop for anyone looking to purchase equipment themselves, the center also offers music lessons.

What makes this quaint little establishment different from others is not only its feeling of intimacy, but the venue comes fully equipped. All the artist has to do is show up, The Stage Door provides the rest. Genesis Pool, a student studying music at COC was there to display her self taught piano aptitude. Her soft, smooth voice sang the cover to a Young female artist Lana Del Rey. Her talent was undeniable, supporting her dreams of one day making it her career.

So if you are ever looking for a place to Jam out and test your skill, head on over to The Stage Door the first Tuesday of every month. If you’re lucky owner Dennis will make a special appearance and take the stage himself, putting his talent on display.


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