Gaming for a cause

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By Travyan Suttle

This semester COC’s GSA Club will host its 2nd gaming tournament to raise money for the clubs cause.
Proceeds gained from the gaming tournament will go toward paying for future clubs events.

The GSA Clubs main purpose is to provide a safe environment for all attendees regardless of their sexual identity, as well as to promote gender equality.

Last semester, the GSA Club hosted a Super Smash Brothers Tournament, along with various other games in the schools cafeteria to raise money for the club.

In order to enter the Super Smash Brothers Wii Tournament, students had to pay an initial signup fee of just $5 in order to enter the official tournament.
Free food and various other games were also provided such as pizza and chips, as well as Xbox One games and Cards against humanity.
Over thirty people attended the gaming event last semester, most of whom agreed that they had a great time.
Attendees included GSA Club members as well as Professors and COC students.
The winner that was declared at the end of last semesters Super Smash Brothers tournament won half of the funds raised as a result.
The other half of the money raised for this event was used for funding events such as the GSA’s movie nights, potlucks, and joint collaborations with other local GSA Clubs.
The Super Smash Brothers Tournament for this semester will likely be held in the school cafeteria again.
“This semester attendees can expect the same quality event as the previous one, if not better,” said the Kevin Crivello, the GSA Clubs Secretary.
The GSA Clubs Super Smash Brothers Wii Tournament is expected to held between late October and Early November this semester.
Club members hope that there is an even bigger list of attendees this semester since the event last semester was such as huge success.
“We are always looking for ways to improve on how we back to the campus community,” said the GSA Clubs Secretary.
If you are interested in attending the GSA Clubs gaming event this semester, be sure to follow the GSA Clubs page on Facebook for updates on when this event and others will occur.

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