COC music duo Fruitstand plays tunes to bring community together

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Being outnumbered by your instruments is never easy, but it is something that the two person band Fruitstand takes on everyday.

“This time we’re learning different instruments, more than one instrument per song, which is kind of new for us,” said Tate Dickens, the singer and guitarist for the band.

Dickens and bandmate Emma Thompson separated from two friends in their former band Submediocre after parting ways for college. The duo have played together since Dickens was 17 and Thompson was 16.

Making music without former bandmates Evan Emery and Jared Kreuzberger has been challenging, explained Thompson.

“The difficulty came when we were trying to find something to fill that empty space,” she said.

But the break-up did not hinder Dickens’s and Thompson’s creativity. In fact, the partial eclipse that shined on COC in August, influenced the lyrics to the band’s song, Blistered Sun.

“I saw all these people reaching out handing free things,” said Dickens. “It was just like a great community.”

“Cause if I look directly in the sun I’ll go blind,” sings Dickens in the song, “thank goodness you gave me those glasses cause now I’m fine.”

After the astronomical anomaly however, the singer lamented that people seemed more closed off to each other.

“The next day it kind of seemed to just vanish … that sort of community” Dickens said. “People didn’t talk to each other anymore, people weren’t just sparking up a conversation, people weren’t trying to help eachother out.

“I just thought that was so frustrating,” Dickens added.

But through their music, Fruitstand hopes to recreate that bondage.

“One thing we’ve always wanted to have as musicians or anything, is that we want that sense of community,” Dickens said.

Tonight the band is set to play at an art and music festival hosted by Santa Clarita band Full Safari, in Valencia.

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