COC continues to promote mental health

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College of the Canyons held a unique workshop mixing mental health awareness with visual art.The Health and wellness center invited “Art with Impact” to present movies with mental health workshop.
Facilitator Paul Sanbar explains that “Art with impact is a nonprofit focused on reducing the mental stigma on college campus’ using art and discussion” Most people are very uncomfortable talking about mental health, mental illness, especially their own. So these movies which are all student films, about five minutes each.They emphasize mental illness, or just depression and anxiety to open up discussions making the workshop a safe place to discuss as a group.
Some of the films they showed were “Anosognosia” by Leesa Kim, a film about a guy who had his hands bound, not noticing, it representing how it feels to be in a deep depression how a person would feel their hands are tied, until slowly they can be broken free by interacting with people in a positive way.They showed another film called “Hanging by Nick Ledonne” and others.
This event was funded by private donors and a California Proposition 63. This is the first year that they visited College of the Canyons

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