Stevenson Ranch fire evacuees recover from losses, receive shelter at COC

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Several of the 41 people displaced by an apartment fire last Friday in Stevenson Ranch,
received temporary shelter from Red Cross at College of the Canyons’ East Gym.

“We got 4 adults and two children that came,” said Eylin Cerritos, the Regional Recovery Director for Red Cross in Los Angeles.

“We keep in contact with the client to see how their recovery is going,” Cerritos said, explaining that even when the client checks out of the shelter the Red Cross will keep in touch with them to see how they are doing.

Although the fire burned 19 units in the Parc Chateaux Apartment Homes, no injuries were reported.

One resident, who escaped from the fire, said there was no time to gather her belongings

“It was dark … I couldn’t see nothing, there’s no time really,” said one resident, who asked to be identified as Fidelie K. “(I) just left everything.”

An apartment fire that started on a balcony escalated to damage 20 units and displace up to 39 residents of the Parc Chateaux Apartment Homes in Stevenson Ranch, officials said.

After receiving reports of a balcony fire on one of the buildings, firefighters arrived on scene in the apartment complex at the 24000 block of Constitution Avenue, around 1 a.m.

“I just woke up, and I walked out my bedroom door, and then I saw a bunch of red lights in the window,” said Michael Craig, a local resident at the complex. “Then I looked out the window, and saw a bunch of smoke … fire started coming out the vent of the roof.

“Finally it just took off,” he said.

By 2:08 a.m., Los Angeles County Fire officials initiated a third alarm response pulling in numerous resources from around the county.

It would take another 3 hours for the first responders to extinguish the fire, calling “knockdown” by 4:56 a.m., but the damage was done, with residents like Fidelie losing nearly everything

“It’s the memories that make it hard, because it’s that one thing that I collect from one of my friends that passed away, it’s gone,” she said.

But Fidelie remained grateful for those closest to her, and that no one was hurt, as she tries to rebuild her life despite her losses.

“What’s keeping me when I have a daughter?” Fidelie asked. “The important thing is she’s alive.”

For those interested in donating to Red Cross disaster relief efforts, click here.

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