Santa Clarita residents donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

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The largest hurricane in Texas since 2002, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and the surrounding areas last week. This category four storm dropped more than 40 inches of rain in a four-day period in many areas, causing catastrophic flooding.

The cleanup and rehabilitation from Harvey and its aftermath are expected to cost more than hurricanes Katrina and Sandy combined.

Santa Clarita residents have begun to donate money, meals, and more to help the relief efforts in southeast Texas.

Santa Clarita resident and Isagenix business owner Emily Garwood along with her team have been selling one of their signature meal replacements, Isalean bars and sending them to the effected areas of southeast Texas.

“My mom and I decided we wanted to help the people in Houston and surrounding areas afflicted by the hurricane help get the food and nutrients that they need. Someone people are not able to get the food that they need because of the flooding,” said Garwood.

To send isalean bars to those effected by the hurricane go to, order the isalean bars. When ordering, instead of your own address, send them to this address,

Roy Burchfield

19626 Chaparral Berry Rd.

Cypress, TX 77433.

Roy is handing the bars out himself to those in need. Check back soon for photos and videos.

Two other residents, Cassidy Bermeo and her husband Giancarlo Bermeo have created a go fund me page. They are partnering with the Ariix Foundation for Human Potential and the American Red Cross to help bring much needed relief to the area.

The Bermeos have pledged to raise $10,000 by September 8th. To donate go to their Go Fund Me page,

The Ariix Company will be matching each donation made. If you donate $10, the red cross will be getting $20.

You can also donate straight to the red cross online or by texting HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10. The donation is tax deductible and will show up on your next phone bill.


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