Santa Clarita Parent Resource Symposium addresses teen drug abuse

by Francesca Ward 706 views0

On September 13th the City of Santa Clarita hosted a Parent Resource Symposium at The Centre.
The discussion panel included speakers from law enforcement to doctors that spoke on the issues of drug abuse among teens here in the Santa Clarita Valley and what preventative measures they can take for this issue. Many people are unaware of the permanent effects drugs can have on the body which can sometimes be fatal.
Booths were set up around the venue including different resource and addiction centers. Also, there were games for the kids to play such as the “Drunk goggles test” that’s goal is to show kids how much alcohol impairs cognitive ability.
Some of the speakers were parents themselves and had their own stories to tell. Addiction counselor and parent Brenda Tumasone shared hers, “I wish I could say that my son went on to college and lived the life that he had worked for and deserved, but that’s not the case.” Her son unfortunately overdosed and passed away.
This event is just one of the many the City of Santa Clarita holds to provide information and advice for parents and different people in the community. If know of anyone or are dealing with drug addiction, please visit for a list of resources from counseling to recovery.

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