Homeless Shelter to open year round

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Santa Clarita homeless will be gaining a year round shelter after a city council meeting late this month.

In a unanimous decision the Santa Clarita city council approved Tuesday night to transfer the ownership of the temporary homeless shelter on Drayton street to the local non-profit, Bridge to Home. This transfer will allow the property to remain open all year as a permanent shelter to the local homeless population.

Many community members came out in support of a permanent shelter, though some expressed concern about the location of the current site.

The Olsen brothers who own the property on Drayton, told the council that the shelter had a lack of lights and no sewer line connected to the building among other issues. These concerns were also raise by councilwoman Laurene Weste.

Before this decision the shelter was only open from November through March. During its operation the shelter also provides many services that helped its clients survive on the streets as well as transition into permanent housing and jobs.

The shelter will now be able to receive the maximum amount of Measure H funding that will help it continue the work it does for Santa Clarita’s homeless.

Canyon County Community Center

The city council also approved to acquire property to make way for the new Canyon Country community center.

City staff has been working for months to appraise three properties and two billboards in order to make a deal with the property owners so they can build the community center according to the city’s master plan.

The city was able to acquire two properties through deals made with the owners, but voted Tuesday to acquire the others through eminent domain.

One of the business owners from the property that did not reach a deal yet had been at that location for 70 years. An attorney representing the property told the council that the owners are still willing to reach a deal but that the appraisal price given was not adequate enough to reach a deal at the time.

Though all the properties were acquired, the community center is still in the design stages so the owners do not have to leave yet. Until that day comes, the city has said they will work with the owners to find suitable areas for relocation.

Youth Baseball

The city council also took the time during their meeting to recognize the achievement of a couple young athletes.

Cameron Ely was recognized by the council for representing the United States Youth Baseball at the World Children’s Baseball fair in Yokohama, Japan.

The fair was a gathering of baseball players from around the world to practice drills and learn about other cultures.

The Hart Pony League team was also given recognition for winning the Pony League 10u Baseball world series.

Hart was able to beat the team from Tijuana 11-1 to clinch the title for 2017.

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