COC Women’s Volleyball coach talks about the expectations following a COC legend

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COC Women’s Volleyball coach Clay Timmons has been apart of the program for over 13 seasons. This season marks his second season as head coach.

Coach Clay Timmons spent many years behind the great COC coach Lisa Hooper. In fact, Timmons credits most of his coaching to his successor with a majority of what he knows being shown on the court

Timmons went on to add the one word his team uses is resiliency to his teams success so far in the season. The Lady Cougars started the season 4-0 and kept stressing the word resiliency to their play on the court. Timmons added, “We need to be resilient…we need to take the punches, adapt, and bounce back.”

Clay Timmons has helped lead the Volleyball team to three straight Western State Conference, South titles in 2013, 2014 and 2015. With the team healthy and playing well Timmons thinks they could win it all once again.

“When this team is playing at its highest level. Everybody is doing their 100 percent job, and bringing that to the group through proper communication, and execution. I dont see any reason why this team cannot win the state.” Timmons mentioned.

As of now, the Lady Cougars are 8-4 on the year, and will travel to Victor Valley this Wednesday. For more on all COC Athletics be sure to check out the web page for more information.



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