COC Quarterback talks about his Journey from New Jersey to California

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As the College the Canyons football team is off to an impressive three and one start, it may shocking to fans around the Santa Clarita Valley that one the leaders of the team is 18-year-old Andrew Brito. Brito is currently in his freshmen year at COC and is the starting quarterback for the cougars. He is talented young player who has thrown for 1001 yards and 12 touchdowns through the first four games of the season.

With the early success he’s had so far in the season it may not surprise fans to see him have another good game, however what may shock fans is finding that Brito just moved to California before the offseason football program began. Brito grew up playing football since he was four-years-old in his hometown of Rutherford, N.J. After not starting at quarterback for the first three at years at his high school Paramus Catholic, Brito thought it would be a long shot for him to play college football. However after a successful senior season and entertaining multiple offers from other community college programs around the country Brito decided to take his talents to Valencia to play for COC.

It may seem weird that he chose to play at a community college across the country but it turns out that a former COC football player and one of his high school coaches, Brian Williams, encouraged Brito to consider the school. Williams himself had success at COC where he was apart the 2004 national championship team and eventually went to play for Washington State University. “He (Williams) recommended it, he said it was a great place with a lot of connections,” Brito said.

Luckily for Brito his older has always wanted to live in Los Angeles so when he decided to attend COC his older brother found a place right down the street from the school where they live together. “He is really doing me a big favor by coming out here and I’m really thankful for him,” Brito Said.

While growing Brito has always been a multi-sport athlete playing both football baseball since he was four-years-old. He also plans on playing baseball here at COC and hopefully continue playing both at four year university after he completes two years at COC.

Brito has been in contact with multiple schools and will keep his options open but there have always been a few schools he has dreamed of playing for. “Oregon. I have an Oregon key chain that I wear everyday. Thats always been my dream school,” Brito said. Another school who he would love to play for is Penn State because it is closer to his hometown, plus he has a former teammate who plays there.

Although sports keep him busy, Brito makes sure he doesn’t allow them to take away from his studies. He is currently studying engineering here at COC and plans on getting his associates degree in the subject before he transfers. A major reason Brito decided to pursue engineering is his gift for mathematics. He made the decision to study engineering while he was still in high school.

Brito is very talented individual he works hard on and off the field while remaining grateful to everyone he helps along the way. Make sure to watch Brito and the entire Cougar football at their next home game on Oct. 21st against Moorpark College.



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