Children of the Moon presents Pluto Fest in Canyon Country

by Aliyah Rossil 478 views0

Children of the Moon, a group of local event coordinators, hosted Pluto Fest on September 9, 2017 in the heart of Soledad Canyon Rd. With their impressive displays of art adorned throughout the venue and musical talent, crowds were drawn into the festival for an evening that could only be described as exceptional. Children of the Moon are hoping to push the evolvement of the local music and art within the valley. Head coordinator, Josh Larson, states, “There’s only so much venue wise that we have going on out here- so everybody is really left to their own devices to get shows and live music, and even art in general happening in the local valley.” The festival’s perspective grew out mutual passion for the arts and awakening interest in the Santa Clarita music scene. In a sense, the festival offered an enriching outlook on the efforts of artists throughout the valley.

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