Social media’s impact on self-esteem

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By Annie Bahena

COC students face self- esteem issues affected by social media.

Keeping a self- confident mind is hard to handle when there’s social media in between, highlighted by the fact that more than 1 billion people are using social media accounts on a daily basis.

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According to COC student Adriana Flores she explains that she is a victim herself of having self-esteem issues because of the social media accounts she is attached to.

“I become more and more distracted with the fact that I have to be addicted to my Facebook account and be associated with either celebrities and or Facebook famous people that have it easy,” Flores said. “It is an utter embarrassment that I have to look at other people on Facebook just to get a role model that I may not ever become.”

Some COC students that deal with self-esteem issues due to social media accounts have been victimitzed by suicidal thoughts because not only do students get self esteem issues but also deal with online bullying that makes it difficult for them to cope with their own self being.

COC Psychologist professor Tammy Mahan explains more in detail on why students believe that due to social media accounts their self- esteem becomes lower than normal.
“As students get into these social media accounts such as Instagram in their minds it seems to be heir own mind controlling what they do and how they see that certain celebrity or famous Instagram model,” Mahan said. “Instead of these students being addicted to other hobbies than just being on the internet the more they interact with the internet the more they will get different perspectives on themselves.”

Beyond social media accounts many COC students have the mindset of lowering their self- esteem by the way they view either their instagram or facebook posts.

Nancy Alvarez a former COC student states the fact that she is a victim towards lowering her self- esteem because of her social media accounts.

“I am not lowering my self- esteem because I do not love myself, it’s just the initial fact that I do love myself I just want to love myself more,” Alvarez states. “Being able to log into my instagram and seeing all these models, I think to myself, I really do want to be this pretty.”

Social media accounts such as instagram have varies amounts of postings that indicate models and celebrities, the indication of this fact is what making COC students stay afloat.Students who have done everything to create the perfect image is a fact of either trying to do a weight loss that makes them feel better about themselves, with this comes in social interactions towards different social media factors.

Many celebrities advertise different weight loss pills or vitamin supplements, making it seem like if the products really work when in reality it becomes more of a psychological structure towards their minds.
COC psychology professor Tammy Mahan states that due to these social media accounts students who are trying to create the perfect image try different supplements that the celebrities advertise on different social media accounts.

“As these students stay on their social media accounts and do have the different factors of the interactions with celebrities profiles it makes them believe that the supplements that these celebrities use do work,” Mahan said. “In reality they do not realize that most of the advertised pills and vitamins do not work, with this comes in what makes the students lower their self esteem because at the end of the day these supplements did not provide the student with results.”

With this in mind many COC students feel trapped with the fact they are trying to create the perfect image to either for themselves or for someone else.

COC former student and graduate Corina Velazquez explains that she does not have a problem with social media but explains that in her past she did let social media affect her at one point.

“I can’t say that I didn’t have a problem with social media because I did in my last years at College of the Canyons I was depressed because all these models were a perfect image on how I wanted to be so I can reach certain people’s standards ,” Velazquez said. “I was trying to become more thinner by trying different supplements that I thought would work but ended up disappointing me by not showing results which brought me to a depressed situation in my life.”

Velazquez begun to go to personal counseling at the COC student health and wellness center to fix her situation being depressed because she wanted to be thinner like the people she saw on her social media accounts.

She stated that she made progress because of the student health and wellness center.

“The student health and wellness center helped me get over my depression because I was trying to create an image that i thought would make me feel better and look better for other people,” Velazquez stated. “ It took me 3 months to get over my depression but it was worth the time and effort that the personal counseling for the student health and wellness center provided me.

The COC student health and wellness center provides different kinds of services for COC students such clinical services, health education services and any assistance for health insurances as well.

With these different kinds of services provided at COC students have the opportunity for reconciling either their depression or anxiety towards these social media encounters.

The services that the student would be best for this situation would be the clinical services that provide personal counseling these services are absolutely free and need just an appointment.
You can reach the student health and wellness center at 661-362-3259.

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