Former COC volleyball coach talks about major career change

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By Marissa Scott

Lisa Hooper, former head coach of the women’s volleyball team at COC, made the decision to become the curriculum chair last year.

Hooper was the head coach for 19 years when she decided that all of the coaching responsibilities overtook her personal life.
Her friends and family supported her bold decision to move from head coach to chair of curriculum.

“It happened to correspond to a time when I was feeling like coaching was an ever increasing demand on my time,” said Hooper.

Coaching seemed to become more demanding for Lisa when budget cuts were implemented on many of the college’s sports teams. The team was forced to fundraise and be able to support themselves during tournaments, which caused Lisa to miss the mentoring aspect of coaching.
Although Lisa is happy with her decision to become chair of curriculum, there are days that she misses coaching the young ladies of the volleyball team.
“It’s those small moment in practice where you just created a learning environment where somebody can accomplish something that they didn’t think they could otherwise,” said Hooper. “Those are the things that I miss.”

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