How does art help senior citizens?

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By: Teresa Juarez

Art has many benefits, and it can even help senior citizens as they get older. For them, it gives them a goal to strive for and helps with productivity.

As seniors start to age, many start to suffer from depression and withdrawal from their daily activities as well as in increase in health problems. A study done by Dr. Raquel Stephenson, who is a professor at Lesley University, mentions that her “research shows that making art with others can counteract these negative impacts and instead promote increased self-esteem, motivation and social connection, leading to improved health and well-being.”

As age increases, often times it gets harder and harder to find engaging activities. Art gives seniors that benefit in making sure that they are driven into improving themselves and their health.

The Santa Clarita Senior Center provides just that.

Eliane Margulis

Eliane Margulis, who has been attending the class for six weeks, finds it very helpful, as she has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She mentions that it is a huge benefit for her as it keeps herself moving.

Phyllis Koskella

Phyllis Koskella, who recently moved to Santa Clarita, finds that taking an art class at the Senior Center is a nice way for her and her husband to meet new people.

Freda Morrison, an instructor for the class, enjoys being around people as well as being happy doing something that she loves.

Freda Morrison

The art classes have not only helped them personally, but it has allowed the seniors to be happy.

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