Who Is Sammy Clarita?

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A new resident has joined us here in Santa Clarita, and his name’s Sammy. Sammy Clarita.

Sammy joins us as part of the city’s 30th anniversary celebration. The little stuffed horse, a nod to Santa Clarita’s Western heritage, finds places to hide around the city at landmarks and events.  A clue to his whereabouts is posted on social media, and the lucky person who finds him gets to keep him. Winners are encouraged to post a picture of themselves with Sammy too.

But Sammy doesn’t find himself at places by accident.

“We were actually trying to think of ideas to get people to visit all areas of Hart Park during the Cowboy Festival,” says Carrie Lujan, the city Communications Manager, “so we started throwing around ideas to get people to check out all the places and what we could put there to draw them to see new and different things that they hadn’t seen before.”

Since Sammy’s debut, attendance to city events has increased. But Sammy isn’t just generating more foot traffic, he’s also creating deeper interactions between the city and its residents, especially through social media. On just Instagram alone, they have gained about 300 more followers since starting the hunt for Sammy.

“Social media is a key way we communicate and reach our community. We want to make sure our residents can receive information where it is convenient for them, and on a platform they already utilize,” says Lujan.

For more information about Sammy, visit http://www.santa-clarita.com/city-hall/30th-anniversary.

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