Students showcase work in art exhibition

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Art is a beautiful creation and it can really broadcast an individual’s uniqueness. Art can be shown in many forms through poetry and writing, filming and editing and the most popular— painting and drawings.

In this year’s Student Art Exhibition, COC art director/coordinator Larry Hurts was surrounded by some of the most beautiful art work thus far.

Every year he is given the great honor of placing all the different art work on the wall in the way he sees fit. His job comes in after a panelist of classic artists pick from almost a hundred different paintings and sculptures from COC students, down to just about 20 or more in which is given to Larry Hurts in his art gallery.

The 21st Annual Student Art Exhibition has been going on every year for the past 20 years in honor of celebrating our very talented COC student artists.

Students like Taylor Sietsema, who have been interested in art her whole life, is one of COC’s students who has been featured in the Art Exhibition many times.

This year she received her own wall to showcase four of her new paintings.

The art gallery is located on the first floor of Mentry Hall. It is a very calm, cool and quite room where any student can come and admire the work, do homework or just come to relax with the soft classical and jazz music playing in the background.

This exhibition will go on the rest of the spring semester and all are welcome to see the artwork.


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