Spotlight: Ethan Espinosa

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When the lines are long at the Coffee kiosk, with post-its and pen in hand, Ethan Espinosa, is taking individual orders on the outside of the Kiosk.

“It communicates to the customers that are waiting in line that we care. Their drink is getting to them as soon as possible,” said Espinosa.

Ethan recently received his masters’ degree in business management from the Masters’ University. He has been managing the Kiosk ever since.

Coffee Kiosk was an idea that his father and uncle had thought of in the early 90s’. The idea of a drive through coffee shop came from his father. His routine was to stop at a coffee shop that was getting too busy for him to be able to wait and make it to work on time. It was an inconvenience of having to park and wait in line at a coffee shop on the way to Napa every morning.

From the coffee shop the elder Espinosa would stop and pick up his papers at a local printing kiosk and thought of asking workers the store, if they would keep a brewer there for him.  Espinosa even offered  to buy it, just for the convenience of having his coffee ready to go.

The business did not follow through with it, but his father was so enthusiastic about it that he informed himself about laws and licensing for a drive through coffee business. He brought all the information to the printing shop, but the owners were not interested.

His father thought to himself “I should just start a coffee shop drive thru business.”  So Espinosa and his brother who had been thinking of the same opened up the first Coffee Kiosk on Lyons in Newhall in 1996.  It is still open to this day but has been sold to someone else.

College of the Canyons also granted the brothers the right to open another Coffee Kiosk on campus. They opened up the Kiosk in 2008.

Ethan operates the Coffee Kiosk along with a few employees. Each and every employee goes through formal barista training through his coffee vendor Ground Work.

Ethan hopes to open another location on the opposite side of campus near the athletic dept. If so he hopes to promote his protein shakes and have healthier meals, including fresh salads Asahi bowls, and delicious sandwiches.

Ethan is at the Kiosk almost daily nonstop but still finds time to share another passion; art. He enjoys drawing some of his customers.

He also volunteers his time back to the community by coaching young athletes at  Santa Clarita Christian School.

Lately  off-season weight lifting has Ethan showing up extra early at the gym just to work with students.

The Coffee Kiosk opens at 7am and is open until 10pm and will remain open this summer .

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