Saugus Cafe

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Saugus Cafe is not only one of the oldest restaurants in Santa Clarita, but also one of the oldest in Los Angeles County. With such a rich history, the restaurant has become a historical landmark.

The restaurant opened on September 1, 1887, making this year its 130 year anniversary. Through the years, the restaurant has had its fair share of celebrities walk through the doors, including the famous Charlie Chaplin in 1919.

A few presidents have also stopped and enjoyed a meal at the Saugus Cafe. President Theodore Roosevelt ate at the diner in 1903 and President Benjamin Harrison also had a meal at the diner in 1891.

It’s not just its history that has helped keep the restaurant opened for so long, it’s also because of the many locals that continue to support the diner. Some locals have been coming to Saugus Cafe since the 50’s and continue to enjoy eating at the restaurant.

With the restaurant celebrating its 130 year anniversary, Saugus Cafe is a place every Santa Clarita resident should check out.

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