Performers use voices to support worldwide organization

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The Santa Clarita Valley is home to many talented residents, and a neighborhood vocal instructor is bringing local performers together to support multiple national foundations.

On Sunday, song instructor Rene Urbanovich hosted a benefit concert at the Escape Theatre in Canyon Country.

The show included about 20 singers from all over the valley, and all of the money that was raised went straight to a non-profit organization called Mercy For Animals.

“They put underground investigators into these farms where the animals are mistreated and they get footage of how mean everybody is to the animals,” Urbanovich said. “They go in and they change laws.”

This is the first show that Urbanovich has put together for Mercy For Animals, but in the past, she has also supported other organizations like War On Want and PERCPTION Travel.

Sixteen-year-old Joelle Rubio was one performer who was very enthusiastic about being a part of the benefit concert.

“This in the second time I’ve participated in a show that helps raise money for different organizations with my music,” Rubio said. “This is important for our community because it helps raise awareness and money for all animals in need. While we’re supporting we can also have fun and listen to music.”

The local singing instructor believes that it’s important for people to use their vocal talent to contribute to a greater cause.

“Because we”re all soloists and I work on the individual voice, it seems to me that people think that they can do whatever they want with their voice, and they’re not part of a team or part of a cast,” said Urbanovich. “So instead of just being this solo drifter singer … I like to put these together so that people can do something with their craft … It gives them a sense of well being, to give their voice and hopefully they’ll continue after they grow up and do other things. They’ll use their voice to make the world a better place.”

For more information on Mercy For Animals you can visit

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