Newhall man rooftop suspect captured by deputies last wednesday night

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By Monica Rodriguez

A Newhall man kept Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies busy last Wednesday night.

21 – year – old Hector Gonzalez was seen armed with a knife in a Newhall neighborhood.

When deputies arrived, Gonzalez fled and eventually wound up on a nearby apartment rooftop.

The firefighters set up a ladder on the apartment building to get Gonzalez off of the roof, but to no avail the suspect pushed the ladder away from the rooftop and hit the live power pole wires.

Firefighters disassembled the ladder and was a standoff between Gonzalez and the deputies.

After several hours, deputies finally coaxed him to climb down but Gonzales refused to drop his knife.

So authorities had to tased him.

Gonzalez is charged with battery, criminal threats, petty theft and trespassing.

Gonzalez was already being investigated for a separate case involving a bicycle theft.

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