Mother’s Day at Flowers and More

by Arin Bailey De Los Reyes 751 views0

One of the most thoughtful gifts you could ever give to your mother is a gift of flowers. Mothers never get tired of receiving flowers for Mother’s Day.

Flowers emanate radiance and beauty, much like all of our mothers do.

Local floral shop Flowers and More offer a variety of flowers that anyone can order for Mother’s Day, as well as any bouquet of flowers for any event.

“Flowers represent love and joy (and) they bring happiness,” owner, Jacqueline Sarkissian said. “We work 17 hours a day to make all the mothers around us… happy.”

Flowers and More is offering tons of promotions for Mother’s Day and they are constantly hard at work putting together all the different orders.

What’s a better way of showing appreciation for your mother than a beautiful arrangement of flowers complete with a sweet scent?

If you are interested in ordering a personal bouquet of flowers, or decide to pick up some pre-made flowers for your Mother, check out their shop on The Old Road in Stevenson Ranch or visit their website at

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