First Year Promise gives students the tools for success

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College of the Canyons students have an opportunity to have their tuition waved through the school’s First-Year Promise program.

The program will wave tuition and fees for full-time college students during their first year of study.

Students chosen in the FYP program can save as much as $1,500 in enrollment fees and other expenses.

“This program has grown out of a nationwide movement to improve college affordability” said Eric Harnish, Vice President for Public Information.

“The California Community College Chancellor’s office established a grant program. Fifty-one colleges applied for a grant of $750 thousand dollars, 14 colleges were chosen for this program. College of the Canyons is one of them.”

The College of the Canyons foundation is supporting this program as well incorporating the First Year Promise into their plan. They will contribute funds to keep the program going after the grant expires.

Students will have a schedule of classes that will be chosen for them to allow pupils to stay on track and graduate within two years.

To be eligible for the FYP program, students must be California residents and a graduate from the William S. Hart School District or neighboring district in Spring 2017.

The pathway will launch this fall with an estimated 300 qualifying students.

In addition to having their tuition paid, those selected will also receive a $100 voucher per semester for study materials and supplies as well as a parking pass.

The FYP courses will include OER textbooks as well as ongoing counseling  and student support to ensure participating students remain on track and achieve academic success.

Applicants are encouraged to turn in their applications as soon as possible as the application window closes May 15.

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