Vocal Jazz and A Cappella Festival provides feedback for young ensembles.

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Lots of popular songs are layered with multiple instruments and sounds, some sounds are electronically looped and others play live.  Great music usually has a complex blend of both, but it can be easy to miss one of the most complex and emotional instruments, our voices.

The Southern California Vocal Association held a Vocal Jazz and A Cappella Festival to showcase the young ensembles’ performances. After each performance, the choirs were critiqued by the event adjudicators.

Some students even praised how advice was given to the choir right on stage as opposed to the written reports given after the performance at other festivals.

The feedback provided helped chisel the rough edges from the performances. The crowd was able to enjoy the subtle improvements and the criticism was lighthearted and even caught a few laughs from the audience.

Whether you belt out Mr. Brightside at the karaoke bar Friday night or sing in the shower, the ensembles are not the only one who can benefit from these festivals.

For more SCVA events, visit their website.


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