Spotlight: Local Tattoo Artist Cameron Flett

by Arin Bailey De Los Reyes 928 views0

“You’re the canvas, and I’m the artist.”

Local tattoo artist and College of Canyon student, Cameron Flett started tattooing multiple clients at a young age of 17. He has also accumulated a total of 14 tattoos all down his left leg.

Attending art classes as a kid, Flett’s admiration for lines and dots has grown into a passion for the art of tattooing getting his main inspirations from nature.

Flett yearns to have the opportunity to travel around the world and incorporate different cultures into his art, as well as evolve body art into a more socially acceptable practice.

“Tattooing allows me to connect to a really big audience and creates new opportunities to meet some really incredible people,” Flett said, “The art people choose to express in a tattoo is often a reflection of their identity and to help create the identity someone has for themselves is truly a surreal opportunity.”

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