Spotlight: 661 Skate

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It’s rare to see a college student owning their own business, even more so a female college student owning a skate shop.

Sarah Ross, 661 Skate owner and a College of the Canyons Student, has taken on the task of breaking into a male dominated industry.

“Of course in this industry you’ll mainly see males working in a skate shop, pro-scooter store or anything sporting goods wise. A lot of times I get customers who come in and ask for the manager, and when I tell them that I own the store it really confuses them,” said Ross. “It’s given me a lot of motivation to work hard because I can show those people that I can do anything a male can do.”

The entrepreneur’s interest in skateboarding since a young age gave her the idea to start selling skateboard parts and full sets.

After running it by her parents, she researched how to get a business license so that she could get started.

Ross began making numerous sales quickly through eBay, and eventually accumulated enough business to start selling at the Saugus Speedway swap meet.

Ross received a call from a local customer who ordered online, asking if they could pick up their items instead of waiting for them to be shipped.

The skate shop owner’s business sky rocketed from there, as she had several people knocking on her door each week looking to purchase parts for their skateboards.

Eventually, Ross’ neighbors became unhappy with the commotion, leaving her no choice but to open a physical store.

The result was 661 Skate which opened 4 years ago in Canyon Country.

“The only disadvantage I’ve really had with having the shop is that it kind of puts school on the back-burner,” the college student said. “I have to find time to get to school or be here at the shop. Most of the time I have to work my school schedule around the hours that the store is open.”

The company has remained steady throughout the years and Ross has even ventured out by starting two small micro-businesses on the side. She now owns 661 Skate, Exile Clothing Company, and Avenue Scooters.

You can check out 661 Skate on its website.

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