Newhall Elementary School brings the community together with beautiful new mural

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Families from around the Newhall area were invited to come and be apart of its history by creating a mural that would serve as a historical reference to the city of Newhall.

Earlier this month students of Newhall Elementary School helped create the mural that will be displayed at the entrance of the school.

“They actively participated in creating a piece of art that’s going to live forever at our school,” said Jane D’anna.

The project was headed by The ARTree Community Arts Center, which is located nearby in the Newhall arts district.

Their organization has been creating and teaching art for nearly eight decades and is still going strong.

Dianne Foderaro of ARTree and Newhall Elementary’s Principal, Jane D’anna, were able to secure funding through a grant that was provided by the city of Santa Clarita.

Once the mural is complete it will hang over the entrance to the school.

For information on The ARTree Community Arts Center visit their website.

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