Longtime COC instructor Kevin Jenkins unexpectedly passes away

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College of the Canyons held a memorial service on Monday February 13th, for longtime instructor Kevin Jenkins. Professor Jenkins unexpectedly passed away over Winter vacation on December 18th 2016, at the age of 51. Jenkins was a Graphic and Multimedia Design professor at COC from 1999 until the time of his death.

He was originally recruited to the college by COC professor Wendy Brill whom he met while attending the University of Irvine when he served as her teaching assistant.

Professor Jenkins, along with his good friend and fellow colleague Mark Daybell, played a huge role in helping grow the Graphic and Multimedia Design program. During his time at the campus he served as the department chair and program visionary, and he was also able some of his students art shown at an exhibit in City Hall, the Newhall Library, and College of Canyons Public Library where many still are today.

Professor Jenkins also had many extended visits to many places such as Germany, Spain Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, to help enhance his teachings.

Professor Brill, Professor Daybell, Chancellor Diane Van Hook, and few other staff members shared some words and memories about Professor Jenkins. They shared stories of what not only great teacher he was but how great of friend he was. He was passionate about his job and always challenged students “In a good way,” as Dr. Van Hook said. Plenty other faculty members shared stories after the service about there fond memories of Professor Jenkins and what he meant to them and the Graphic and Multimedia Design programs.

Kevin Jenkins was huge part of not just the growth of not just the Graphic and Multimedia Design Program but the entire College of the Canyons campus. His hard work and dedication to the school will always be remembered the faculty, students, and all the art he helped them make.

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