COC hosts very first Information Day

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Encouraging students to get involved in campus activities can be a challenge, but COC is working on changing those dynamics, starting with Information Day.

The 2-hour event was located in the middle of campus, making it convenient for students to drop in for financial aid information, quick counseling sessions, internship advice and much more.

“It’s the opportunity for students to come out and literally ask any question they may have on their minds regarding how to be successful here at COC,” said COC academic advisor Anthony Morris. “It can be one of the smallest minute questions, it can a huge question.”

To really catch the crowds attention, there were also games and prizes, a live DJ and free nachos.

Representatives felt that the turn out for Information Day was better than expected, especially since this was the very first event.

Students were also very excited and enthusiastic about the fun-filled environment and helpful advice they received.

“The booths I went to were the internship and job and career booths,” said COC accounting major Bradley Triana.

“I thought they were very helpful and had a lot of good information, teaching you how to jumpstart your career and get an internship. They really are committed to helping you find exactly where you need to go, and they’re really willing to help each student.”

“Everybody participated,”said COC academic advisor and professor KerryFaythe Brown. “We had a lot more representatives than I thought we were going to have… it’s a collaborative effort and that’s what the students need to see. They need to see that we all communicate and connect, and I think that’s what today represented.”

COC’s faculty members involved in creating Information Day hope that it can become a more frequent event so that they can reach and motivate more students on campus.

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