Valencia High girls basketball reflect on season and pick March Madness brackets

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As the season nears its end for the Valencia Vikings talks of a continued run to extend their season through the CIF playoffs buzz around the team as they prepare for the task at hand.

Kayla Konrad, Kenadee Honaker and Ashlee Ane spoke how they evolved their play skills, find an open shot, and how to keep the fire alive.

Senior Ashlee Ane described to me what fuels her fire to play, “These girls are my best friend’s and we’ve all played and been through so much together. I just want us to win.”

While the girls have a chance to keep their historic run alive with a game versus Mater Dei on Tuesday night it was hard to keep the nerves down and really have a fun time.

I myself needed some help picking this month’s beloved college basketball tournament also known as March Madness and what better way to pick my winners then have the five-time Foothill League champs give me a boost.

While most of the girls picked UCLA to win the Men’s bracket, they all unanimously agreed on UCONN to win it all on the Woman’s side.

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