USA shuts out Puerto Rico in World Baseball Classic Final

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A Cinderella story at it’s finest happened in Los Angeles.

On March 21st,  the final of  The World Baseball Classic took place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The final featured power house Puerto Rico and the underdog, the United States of America.

Puerto Rico had previously made it to the final in 2013 where they were unable to defeat the Dominican Republic with a final score of 3-0.

While the USA had never made it to a final, their mission was to bring home the title for their country.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman really wanted to pitch for Puerto Rico, the country where his mother was born and raised, but decided to pitch for the United States where he was born.

Stroman’s decision ended up being the final piece to the puzzle that USA needed to bring home its first championship.

Stroman kept a no-hitter going until the bottom of the seventh inning when Angel Pagan finally broke it up with a leadoff single to left field.

But by the time of Stoman’s exit, the USA had already put seven runs on the score board while Puerto Rico only had their second runner on base of the whole game.

The tale was no different after the seventh inning, USA had added another run bringing their total to eight while Puerto Rico was unable to scrounge up a single run and as a result they were shut out.

After the final out, a dog-pile ensued on the pitchers mound with every member of Team USA as well as some coaching staff.

“I got a chance to manage for our country,” said team USA manager Jim Leyland before walking away to celebrate with the team.

“Coaches got a chance to coach for our country. The players got a chance to play for our country. But you know what? This is for the people who serve our country.”

This championship is more than just a title for team USA, it is bragging rights for the fans as well as locals who were able to witness history.

“Growing up in LA, I have seen a lot of wins but never once have I seen us win something like this,” said College of the Canyons student Sean Kelley.

“Tonight I saw my country win it’s first baseball championship in my hometown. This is a one in a lifetime feeling.”




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