Never forget the lesson of the holocaust

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College of the Canyons held another human rights event to begin the semester, this time in remembrance of the Holocaust and the importance of never forgetting the tragic events from World War II.

The presentation began with a screening of Alain Resnais’ 1956 documentary “Night and Fog” which graphically shows the horrors of the Auschwitz and Majdanek concentration camps during the height of the Holocaust.

After the film, Professor Adam Kaiserman sparked a discussion within the crowd by asking a simple question, “How?” How could people do this to another group of people? He received various responses from the students and faculty in attendance, including comparisons to how the Romans and Greeks treated people during ancient times, to how some believed that the German population knew about the atrocities committed during the Holocaust but did not do anything to fight it.

Professor Kaiserman spoke to Cougar News about the group discussion during the event “The idea was to keep the dialogue open so we give you something to chew on while your watching the event or hearing the lecture and then getting more involved in the process.”

Kaiserman also said the Humanities department has five more events planned for the semester, including presentations on Black Lives Matter on 29 Mar and the Arab Spring on 17 April

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