Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) at College of the Canyons

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The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services at College of the Canyons helps low income, first generation students to succeed in college.

EOPS is a service program for students to have the opportunity to succeed and develop programs and services at the college to make sure that our students are successful said Pamela Brogdon-Wynne head Director of EOPS/Care and CalWORKs.

EOPS provide their students counselors and the relationships, because most of the students are first generation students and their parents maybe did not have the skills that they need to make sure their students know all the steps to successfully get into a good college, Wynne explained.

Students that qualified for EOPS depending on students financial needs are given books and milk cards so that students can have food to eat, Wynne said.

EOPS provides students with study skill classes and teach students with the counseling 105 course. EOPS also provides a studying area where students can come and use lab computers.

“EOPS provides my own consular. She sets up my student Ed plan, gives book vouchers, they pay for college applications, priority registration, they cover all my books for every semester and my cap and gown for graduation. I love the EOPS program that is why I chose to work here,” Student to Student Mentor Hollyann Castillon said.

“EOPS gave me a safe place that I can come and a safe place to study. EOPS is a part of the process that helps you to be a successful student in college,” EOPS student Hanieh Seilsepour said.

EOPS promotes their services through word of mouth. They have gone off to local high schools and do outreach. They also have EOPS student to student workers out on campus set up tables and talk to COC students telling them about the program, Wynne said.

EOPS student to students workers also go talk to different classrooms where instructors allow them to speak in front of their students.

“I actually found out about EOPS through outreach, I was in one of my classes second semester here at COC, and two students from the EOPS told us about the program and I found out I was qualified,” Castillon said.

“One of my friends, she referred me, I just came to EOPS, I applied, I already have 12 units and I was qualified to be an EOPS student,” Seilsepour said.

“I think the success stories of our EOPS students who went through our program graduated to be attorneys, law enforcement, teachers, entrepreneurs, business people, we have EOPS counselors, our own counselor April came through our own program,” Wynne said.

If COC students are interested in joining the EOPS program the students need to meet certain qualifications.

“First need to be qualified for BOG (Waiver) be a resident of California, not the best grade point average in high school, and to have completed 12 units,” Wynne said.

If you want more information about COC EOPS program, visit their website, or visit them in room 117.


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