From COC to ‘Low Budget TV’

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Low Budget TV is Tommy Mason and Jeffrey Best’s racing YouTube channel where they travel around Southern California race tracks covering all video aspects of racing.

Their racing coverage features multiple camera angles, live racing commentary, racing recaps, all sorts of motorsports. Mason and Best never could have imagined LBTV going so far when it started out as just a hobby and a joke.

2006 forever changed their lives when Mason received a video camera for Christmas, after finding an old toy microphone in the closet the two decided to take it out to the track. “(We) pretended to be ESPN and go interview people, and it seemed like people had no idea we were making a big joke out of it,” said Mason.

“We realized that drivers were talking into it, asking is my audio coming in okay,” said Jeffrey. Seeing that this was something everyone loved they carried it onto bigger tracks, such as Irwindale Speedway to take it to the next level. With so many laps of the same thing going on the two friends decided to do their own commentary on the racing.

Both of them grew up at the race track, so going to the track every Saturday to broadcast live events was something that was second nature.

The love for the sport isn’t the only motivation they have to do LBTV. “The fact that we can be a part of the show, help impact the drivers, have some fun with it, and be able to broadcast it out to a larger audience,  that to us is special,” said Best.

The tight knit racing family both of them developed over the years seems to be another reason behind the motivation. “The people we interact with, the racers themselves, the crew, the track staff, the track promoters, everybody involved make it so much fun for us, because its people we know,” said Tommy.

Mason and Best have learned to persevere through the glitches, Low Budget TV isn’t just the name of their production but it’s a way of life.

“We defiantly figure out a way to get through things, and that’s something we’ve always done, we’ve always done fantastic things with what we have, and sometimes that’s not a lot,” said Tommy.

As concern for the future, the two friends can’t wait to see where they end up in the next few years, but they can guarantee one thing,  80 years from now they’ll still be going to the track.

In the near future however, “Saturday is race day.”

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