The Story of Finstas

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The new popular social media trend among today’s millennials is a “Finsta”

Well a “Finsta” or a fake Instagram gives young adults to keep themselves private from other followers compared to a public Instagram. However, that’s not the whole explanation on why they’re so popular.

These fake Instagram accounts give both genders a chance to post more provocative or sensual posts and to keep these posts private instead of posting them publicly. This new trend is a kept secret from parents and traditional Instagram users, and reveals a darker side of Instagram

In a recent survey conducted amongst College of the Canyons students, about 50% say females are more likely to have a Finsta or have already established one. Is there a potential harm in having a “Finsta” or posting on one? Well according to most College of the Canyons students, they do not think that these fake accounts could lead to bullying or other dangers to themselves due to the fact that it’s a private account.

In the interview I spoke to two students, who both had a “Finsta” and if they think what they’re doing is wrong and are these  just plots to promote popularity. Both students say their “Finsta” accounts aren’t hurting anyone, but both have different ideas on why these fake Instagram accounts are so popular.

This trend could lead to more Instagram users going private and hiding their more sensual or out of the norm type pictures.

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