The Nasty Practitioners play Drifters

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Although Santa Clarita is often seen as barren ground for young rock bands, Drifters Bar and Cocktail Lounge as become a sort of oasis for original, local bands looking to play shows. This Presidents Day, one such local band, The Nasty Practitioners, celebrated at drifters by performing their first ever live show. The three piece power trio writes original, funky, and upbeat indie rock in the vein of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. All three of the members of the band are multi-instrumentalists, and during their set it is not uncommon to see each of the musicians switch instruments between songs and take on a different role. I caught up with the two band members who most often occupy the role of rhythm section after the show, drummer Braydon Scheiner and bassist Neil Subbarao. According to Scheiner, the main challenge the band faces is finding the time to play. “We all work full time and my schedule, especially, can be sporadic so it’s really difficult to get together and jam.” Still, both insist that the fruits of their collaboration make the hard work pay off, and that the number one rule is to follow where their muse takes them. “I got a degree in music from UC Santa Barbara, did a lot of composition there…and that’s what it comes down to like, it’s a matter of what your gut says, and these guys help me figure that out.” Subbarao says. Scheiner echoed his comments, stating flatly “If it doesn’t feel right, we don’t use it.” Although this will likely be the first of many shows for the Nasty Practitioners, the group also hopes to eventually head into the studio to record an album. In the mean time, you can catch local bands playing live shows every Monday night at Drifters Bar and Cocktail Lounge.

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