Cougars conclude basketball season

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The Cougars ended their season at home against the West L.A. Wildcats on Saturday and went out in a losing effort, as the final score ended with a 71-66 defeat.

The Cougars had a promising first half against the Wildcats by leading 35-27. Freshman Michael Kalu delivered 16 points in the first half, along with sophomore Chris Collins who made 10 points.

The second half provided a challenge for the Cougars as the Wildcats’ defense began to slow down any advancements.

Cougars could not keep the lead as West L.A. tied it up at the start of the second half, eventually leading the game by 44-43 with just over 13 minutes of game time.

Of the final 12 points scored by the Cougars, Jacob Lilley scored 10, bringing the Cougars within a point at 63-62 with a minute left. A strong Wildcat defense and frequent turnovers in the second half attributed to the loss.

Canyon’s leading scorer was Michael Kalu with 18 points. Freshman Jason Horosny was second with 14 points.

COC finishes in fourth, with the Lady Cougars placing third, in the Western State Conference, South division, The cougars will be missing the post season for second time.


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