COC safety and suicide knowledge

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By Mellanie Jinadasa

College Of the Canyons takes suicide seriously, so those who self-harm or feel mentally unstable can get help on campus.

COC focuses on helping their students during the rough times they go through whether it be at school or from home.

COC provides multiple hotlines, psychologists, counselors, mental health support etc. throughout the school.

COC also provides campus security to make sure each and every student is safe on campus mentally and physically as well.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-36-40-amThe college community is full of stress, and we as students all get stressed.

For most people, stress can be relieved by doing activities like being with friends, doing a hobby, taking a jog, doing yoga etc. However, it seems that other people take stress out on themselves and think suicide is the only way out of the hole that their in.

It seems that not many people know too much about this dark subject, people don’t look at it as something too close, but why is that? Local student Adam Rivas says “many people don’t seem to want to get into it because they can be afraid and not know what to do,” Rivas further explains “when some people feel like there is nothing left to live for, they feel like that is their one and only last resort.”

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-40-07-amAs I went around asking other students if they have ever heard of campus suicides, and to my surprise many students haven’t an idea about it, how can we make students on the COC campus aware of how helpful they can be to someone they don’t know, getting them help? How can we help them try to understand the dangers of suicide and what self-harm can do to you and others?

As I went trying to interview students asking them these questions, they have answered the same answer. They didn’t know. Most students on campus don’t know that 1 out of 1000 students on campuses in the US a year commit suicide, according to the National Network of Depression Centers (

Every ones perspective on suicide is different, many people don’t know about suicide,according to  National Network of Depression Centers “when a student is suicidal they show highlighted depressive symptoms, impulsivity, hopelessness, low self-esteem and, in particular, previous suicidal behavior as risk factors.”

Researchers say the many reasons why teens and young adults suffer from depression and suicide can be one of several reasons:

  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Relationships
  • Someone’s death etc.

Statistics have screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-34-53-amproven the ranges of suicide tend to be between teen and young adult males more than females,

White Male (29,971)………24.1 White Female (8,704)………. 6.9.

At COC students have the options to use these resources given, many students experience losing hope, anxiety and panic due to finals. During the week of finals psychologists are booked with many students. Students also threaten their lives due to overlapping stress. Study shows that those who have not released any stress feel trapped and feel like they can never get out of the position they are usually in, and as in the general population, psychiatric illness and personality factors play a large part in predisposing some students to suicidal thinking.

COC makes sure the campus is safe for everyone to be at no matter what, and makes sure that every student gets the proper help they need whether it be on campus or not.

Recently COC had a suicide awareness day bringing the backpacks of many students who have left us too early due to suicide to help show the students the dangers of suicide, and how to help other students, as well as yourself, to keep safe.

The final person I had interviewed was local student Seth he states “To make more people aware of college suicides, COC should put aside a budget for better suicide prevention, and maybe hold a class for those who are unaware of the signscreen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-32-16-ams of suicide, maybe then could they better understand warning signs and better help their peers get better”

People believe in getting the right help, some people are beyond help, but that doesn’t mean you should stop helping. Suicide is escapable, but it takes time.

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