Zach Sergey Spotlight

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For some running is a hated task to do, it can also be a great form of exercise, for others it is more of a way of life. One of those people are Zach Sergey.

Zach started running in his hometown of Santa Clarita Valley. After graduating from West Ranch High School in 2011 he went on to Cal Lutheran University where he currently run track and field, and cross country.

Zach feels that while some feel that running is just as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, he explains that a lot more hard work and dedication goes into it than some think.

He attributes running to how he has earned good grades in school and been able to stay out of trouble off the track. Zach does not feel he will pursue running after the college level, but he does want to remain active in the sport by helping or coaching a track team.

Overall Zach feels that running has helped him in many ways in his life and can also impact other lives.

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